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Private retreat center with 15 buildings, campus, rainforest, meadows, gardens and orchards
Available for special group events, courses, retreats and reunions

Visionary Forestry
Our forest is a genetically intact remnant of one of Earth's great rainforests. By articulating landscapes, we enhance biological diversity and economic value.

Lumber Products
Visit our store of FSC® certified wood products. Preview species, lengths, widths, thickness, surfacing and character options.

Carbon Offset Sale
Wild Thyme announces the historic first sale of carbon offsets from its 100 acre family owned forest through the NW Neutral program.

Wild Thyme Farm
Visionary landscapes that work
Growing value for generations

A private eco-retreat near Olympia Washington. These 150 acres of forests, pastures, gardens, orchards and streams, showcase an evolving model of wild forest management, permaculture, agroforestry, diversity.
Forest Stewardship
Forest Stewardship Plan
The goals are to maintain and enhance water, soil, air, fish, wildlife and timber resources.

Activities: retreats, reunions, nature trails, hiking, conferences.
Friends & Family: photo gallery.

Riparian Habitat
A salmon-bearing creek winds through the wetlands. Reforesting riparian buffer zones are ongoing projects to enhance the aquatic community.

We are developing systems as models for sustainable production of food and timber: bamboo, food forests and riparian habitat.

We promote a diversity of species interacting as one community, offering herbal products, edible flowers and specialty foods.


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