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Centralia ChronicleJanuary 23, 2010

Having a Wild Thyme with Sustainable Farming
Oakville farm a mecca for agroforestry
by Dian McClurg
Agroforestry is the science of creating forestry plantations that function much like an agricultural system, where you plant a variety of woody plants that can provide you with an annual and semi-annual product.

Centralia Chronicle
Yes! MagazineJanuary 7, 2010

Big News for Small Forests
by Ian Hanna
Sustainable, small scale working forests are feeling the economic pinch. But nonprofit groups are helping family and community owned woodlands thrive by connecting them with carbon markets.

Northwest Natural Resource GroupAugust 2009

Wild Thyme Farm
by Jennifer Whitelaw
John Henrikson’s land speaks to him, and he thinks more people should listen. “We need more people to develop that relationship – to fall in love with the land.”

Evergreen MagazineSpring 2009

The Entrepreneurial Forester
How Two Evergreen Alumni are Reshaping Northwest Forestry
Ian Hanna and Kirk Hanson want you to cut down your trees.

Evergreen Magazine
Sustainable IndustriesApril 2009

Green Building
Forests Yield New Carbon Credits

John Henrikson, a co-owner of Wild Thyme Farm, earns money by not harvesting his forest...The program establishes incentive for private forest owners to maintain healthy forest by creating a market for carbon credits.

Sustainable Industries
Northwest Woodlands • Fall 2004, Vol 20 No 4

From Character Wood to Silvopasture
Wild Thyme Farm Explores all the Angles

By John Henrikson -- The dramatic evolution of the forestry operation at Wild Thyme Farm near Olympia WA, speaks more to the transformation of the landowners than to the land itself.

Northwest Woodlands
SkagitValleyHerald.com • November 9, 2004

Gang Green
A group of Western Washington landowners are teaming up to seek certification through the Forest Stewardship Council and tap into the market for eco-friendly wood...

Skagit Valley Herald
SeattlePI.com • November 7, 2004

Some foresters want 'green' certification
OAKVILLE, Washington (AP) -- There are tall, thick alders and gargantuan maples on John Henrikson's land that could line his pockets handsomely if he cut them for timber, but...

Seattle PI.com
CNN.com • Science & Space • November 9, 2004

Green certification in demand for forests
Washington forest owners ban together to sell eco-friendly wood. OAKVILLE, Washington (AP) -- There are tall, thick alders and gargantuan maples on John Henrikson's land...

CNN News
Centralia Chronicle • April 18, 1998

Wild Thyme Farm is having a wild time with bamboo
Growers prepare for bamboo market. Kirk Hansen waters one of the ornamental varieties of bamboo plants on Wild Thyme Farm in Oakville...

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