Wild Thyme Farm Timber Products

Forest Lumber Products
Lumber Store. All Forest Stewardship CouncilTM FSC® certified wood products. Preview available lumber species, lengths, widths, thickness, surfacing and character options and custom dimensions.
Harvested timber logs are milled at Wild Thyme, dried in climate-controlled storage rooms, and finished and planed for specialty applications. Wild Thyme offers a wide variety of fir, alder and maple boards and specialty wood craft products.
Log Preparation. Timber logs are dragged out of the forest to the log deck, then sorted, trimmed and marked. To prepare for milling, logs are choked and dragged by tractor to the mill platform.
Log Preparation
Primary Milling. Logs are milled on site with the portable Mighty-Mite band saw.
Drying & Storage. Freshly cut Fir, Alder and Maple boards are carefully stacked, inventoried and labeled. Climate controlled dehumidified barn rooms cure the wood, keep it dry and ready for sale. The lumber showroom accommodates tall lumber and provides easy access.
Secondary Processing. This wood quality is superior to structural grade, and is finished for specialty applications such as paneling, flooring and cabinets where fine appearance is important.
Finished Products. Examples of high value lumber and custom wood products and applications from Wild Thyme Forest trees, cut, milled, finished and crafted at Wild Thyme Farm.

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