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Permaculture Design Course PDF
Permaculture Design Course
February 27 - March 20, 2011. Wild Thyme Farm, Oakville, WA
Reduce your ecological footprint. Learn permaculture, food production, and energy efficiency for your home and community.
with: Marisha Auerbach, Dave Boehnlein, and Kelda Miller
Special Guests include: Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jenny Pell, Rick Valley, Leonard Barrett, Mark Lakeman, John Henrikson, Kirk Hanson, and more...
Permaculture Design Course
Globally, we are experiencing unpredictable changes in climate, economy, and resources. Through intentional design, we can anticipate what adaptive skills will be necessary for a joyful and abundant future. In this permaculture design course, students will be immersed in strategies to build community resilience and respond to uncertainties of the future. Our stellar teaching team will offer a 144-hour permaculture curriculum with a focus on hands-on skill-building in food production, plant propagation, and energy systems. The Wild Thyme Farm, a premier permaculture demonstration site, offers an immersion in examples of beautiful and productive polyculture gardens, a 100 acre FSC certified forest, and strategies for rural revitalization. Through presentations, slides, games, lectures, field trips, and hands-on opportunities, this permaculture course will offer diverse learning styles to emphasize ways that students can design their lives and engage their communities in strategies for a sustainable future.
Course Topics Include:
* Permaculture Ethics & Principles
* Observation & Site Analysis
* Energy Conservation
* Natural Cycles & Pattern Recognition
* Mapping & Design Exercises
* Animal Husbandry
* Forests, Agroforestry, & Tree Crops
* Soil Building & Ecology
* Cooperative Economics
* Plants, Propagation & Planting Strategies
* Eco-Building & Appropriate Technology
* Water Harvesting, Management, & Conservation
* Urban Permaculture & Village Design
Cost: $1950 including accommodations and prepared organic meals.

Early bird registration: $1800 by January 15, 2011.

For more information on the Wild Thyme Farm and accommodations, check out: www.wildthymefarm.com.

For more information about the course, check out: www.herbnwisdom.com
To register, contact Marisha Auerbach
(360)273-7117 queenbee@herbnwisdom.com

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