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Recent 40 Year History of Wild Thyme Forest
Revealed in 8 aerial photos - 1967 to 1997
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Aerial Photos 1967 (4/11/67)
Mixed small clearcuts and selective cutting. Some old growth intact, logging roads not established yet.

1972 (7/2/72)
Most extensive harvest to date - large clearcuts. Logging roads established.

1977 (7/7/77)
Alder takes over as the predominant species in the clearcuts.

1981 (6/24/81)
Most recent harvest at the top of the hill - several clearcuts. Beginning of logging of adjoining second growth forest to the southeast.

1985 (6/25/85)
Massive clearcutting of nearly all second growth industrial forest lands to the east and south. Alder forest dominates the canopy at Wild Thyme Farm.

1990 (8/7/90)
A quiet period. Industrial clearcuts are now replanted with douglas fir.

1993 (8/4/93)
Privately owned second growth forest to the west is clearcut. Alder forest is maturing- now about 60 feet tall.

1997 (7/19/97)
Dec. 1996 ice storm wipes out 30 acres of alder forest on the west side and in the deep ravines. Property to the south is clearcut. Industrial clearcuts are now young forests of douglas fir about 20 feet tall.

Aerial Photos
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