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Wild Thyme Farm Eco-Retreat Center
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Main Campus Building Description
1 Main Farmhouse 5 bedrooms (5-9 beds), 2 baths, kitchen, dining, living, laundry
2 Pump House Storage
3 Bunkhouse 2 bedrooms (1 queen, 3 twin beds)
4 Cider Mill Cottage 1 bedroom (1 king bed)
5 Sauna Wood fired sauna, dressing room, 2 outdoor showers
6 Spirit Lodge Meeting room with futons (becomes sleeping space)
7 Greenhouse Covered greenhouse, organic gardens and plant nursery
8 Lumber Mill Portable mill on concrete pad, car and truck parking
9 Garden Sheds Garden tools and equipment
10 Cascading Ponds Ponds and native plant nursery in the eastern wetlands

Retreat Center Layout

Big Barn Main Barn, Milking Barn, Silo
11 Workshops Tool shop and woodworking shop in milking barn
12 Lumber Storage Lumber storage in wings of milking barn
13 Hall of Creation Classroom, meeting and design space in east wing
14 Classroom Lumber finishing and classroom space in main barn north
15 Lumber Storage Lumber dry storage in main barn south
16 Starter Room Seed and plant propagation
17 Sound Chamber Concrete silo awesome sound chamber
18 Great Hall Kitchen and dining room, bathroom in west wing
19 West Lounge Living room, 2 beds, bathroom, laundry in west wing
20 Creek House 1 bedroom, 2 beds

West Campus Granary, Lumber Showroom, South Barn, West Barn
21 Granary House 2 bedrooms, 3 beds
22 Lumber Showroom Climate-controlled lumber showroom
23 South Barn Equipment storage, main area
24 Lumber Storage South barn east wing
25 Storage South barn west wing
26 West Barn Tractor and equipment storage, cow barn
27 Chicken Run Chickens
28 Orchard and Bees Apples, plums, pears, peaches, food forest and honeybee hives
29 Agroforestry Zone Fruit and nut trees, berries and specialty hardwoods in lower pasture

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