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Reforesting Riparian Habitat
Garrard Creek Riparian Restoration with the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).
In 2001, Wild Thyme Farm planted nearly 3,000 trees on a 5.5 acre pasture in the flood plain of Garrard Creek, a tributary of the Chehalis River in eastern Grays Harbor County. The objective was to convert bare cattle pasture and eroding stream banks into a multi-species native forest to provide shade and habitat for the benefit of salmon and other wildlife species in the riparian corridor. By replacing the essential woody architecture that was removed a century ago, the creek will be able to re-create itself with the structural complexity of an old-growth forest, full of pools, riffles, sunken logs and overhanging trees. Take a look at the progress and setbacks of this project's first 8 years:
Restoring Riparian Habitat

3:43 minute video introducing the program reforesting the 5 acres of former cow pasture land along the banks of Garrard Creek.

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The plan objective is to establish a riparian forest buffer along a portion of Garrard Creek, a tributary of the Chehalis River in Grays Harbor County, Washington. A 10-year contract was implemented under the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Protection and/or enhancement of other natural resources such as soil, water and wildlife is included.
Planting Trees to Restore Riparian Habitat
Maintaining Trees Planted in the Riparian Zone
Conservation Reserve Program Site Plan
Conservation Reserve Program Budget
Conservation Reserve Program Forest Site Preparation
Specifications for Tree and Shrub Establishment
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