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Maintaining the Forest Road System
John with chainsawRestoring the logging roads involves cutting out obstructions like alder trees and brush, installing culverts at ravine crossings and bulldozing to restore an even grade. Byproducts of the road clearing operations are firewood, lumber and young transplants.

Within months after bulldozing, the roads are covered with grasses and small wildflowers. Even with heavy winter rains there is almost no road erosion. Artfully winding through the forest landscape, well sited roads enhance the functional and aesthetic value of the land. A quick pass with a brush hog once or twice a year keeps the roads groomed and in shape.

Forest roads

The Big Dig
Forest Road Maintenance
July 2009

Short 49 second video narrated by John Wight and John Henrikson.

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As much as we love our trails and roads, there are certain places where they do not belong. So we have set aside a significant portion of the forest as roadless areas. Additionally there is little or no harvesting or forest management in these zones. Not only do we appreciate the scientific value of an unmanaged forest system, we wish to honor the forest by designating sacred spaces free of human meddling.
The forest road system was expanded and improved in 2006 with heavy equipment for installing culverts and bulldozing roads.
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