Wild Thyme Farm Permaculture

Wild Foods
Some edible northwest weeds include:
Blackberry Thistle Nuts Wild Rose Hips
Wild Strawberry Cleavers Clover
Yellow Dock Burdock Mustard
Amaranth Plantain Shepherds Purse
Weeping Willow Mallow Nasturtium
Bracken fern Chickweed Chicory
Dandelion Miner's Lettuce Oxalis
Evening Primrose Parsley Forget-me-nots
Purslane Sorrel Watercress
Queen Anne's Lace Yarrow Cattail

Please note: Do not eat any plant that you have not correctly identified. Some parts of some species are edible while other parts of the same species may not be. It is crucial to know exactly what you are eating to partake in the pleasures of eating wild foods.

Pickled Nettles

Fill a mason jar with young nettle shoots. Fill the rest of the jar half with olive oil and half with vinegar. Store in shaded cool area. This will be ready in six to eight weeks. Marinating deactivates the formic acid.

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