Wild Thyme Farm Forest Stewardship Plan




 1. Cover Page
 2. Table of Contents
 3. Objectives
 4. Property
5. Resources
 5.1 Forest Health
 5.2 Soils
 5.3 Water Resource
 5.4 Timber
 5.5 Wildlife
 5.6 Forest Grazing
 5.7 Aesthetics and
 5.8 Forest Products
 6. 10-Year Plan

Forest Stewardship Plan
5.6 Forestland Grazing

Resource Description

The level of animal grazing in the Wild Thyme Farm forest complex is not significant enough to need considerable discussion. There are 4 mature bovines that graze in the lower pastures and are regularly rotated. They have access to 2 acres of the Meadow’s Edge unit where they consume twigs, leaves, and forbs.

Enhancement and Protection

The bovines are adequately cared for and do not pose significant adverse effects to the Wild Thyme Farm forest. There are gates to prevent them from entering the bulk of the forest complex. I recommend that if they begin to cause significant damage to the riparian zones or forest understory alternate management methods be researched.

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