Wild Thyme Farm Forest Stewardship Plan




 1. Cover Page
 2. Table of Contents
 3. Objectives
 4. Property
5. Resources
 5.1 Forest Health
 5.2 Soils
 5.3 Water Resource
 5.4 Timber
 5.5 Wildlife
 5.6 Forest Grazing
 5.7 Aesthetics and
 5.8 Forest Products
 6. 10-Year Plan

Forest Stewardship Plan
5.7 Aesthetics and Recreation (Forest Roads Map)

Resource Description

The main feature of the property is a ridgeline that enhances multiple viewsheds. There are spectacular vistas of the Chehalis River (Image 030), adjacent forestland, the Olympic mountain range, and Mt. Rainier. There are cultivated areas on both sides of the ridge from which to view these areas, with benches (Image 037) to the north and the upper meadow to the south (Image 021).

The landowner manages with an overall concern for the aesthetics of the forest. When thinning, the landowner cultivates different textures and colors (Image 025). Roads are designed to undulate gently through the forest echoing the natural topography. All wildlife species are seen as visually enjoyable and are attracted for those purposes, among others.

Various types of recreation are pursued on this piece of property, including hiking, dog walking, picnicking, horseback riding, camping, bird watching, and plant identification. It is accessible from the north and south and access roads are well maintained. There are spaces specifically for camping, however there are no developed facilities. The unique purpose of the land base makes recreation a priority, but not for commercial recreation in the traditional sense. Visitors are frequent, however, and use of the forest for recreation and enjoyment is one of the highest priorities in management.

Enhancement and Protection

The management of slash was a high priority after the 1996 ice storm and continues to be addressed on a regular basis. There is not enough of a timber focus for slash to be a significant concern. There are designated skid trails and haul roads have been constructed properly. Slash is left down or used as firewood and is distributed well enough to not be a problem. A prolific number of leave trees and snags are left standing. There is not enough timber harvested to need vegetation corridors or irregular cutting boundaries.

The management of this forest for aesthetics is a high priority of the landowners and is achieved more than adequately.

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